Directors and Management

Directors and Management

The EFF Group has an exceptional team of Directors, Forestry Management, employees and consultants that remain firmly focused on achieving the Group’s commercial objectives. The team provides exceptional experience, knowledge, skills, and qualifications that support a commitment to excellence that flows throughout the Group.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of unite to provide extensive knowledge and experience in business, finance, law, marketing, accounting and project management. The Board also has solid experience in the Paulownia industry as well as the Managed Investments industry. With a commercial, hands-on management approach the Board has a strong commitment to the Company and the EFF Group.

The Directors of EFF Limited, Environmental Forest Farms Management, Forestry Finance Limited and Beenyup Forest Farms Pty Ltd are:
Sydney Chesson - Chairman
Victor Turco - Chairman
Geoffrey Coad - Chairman 

The Company Secretary is Simon Chesson.

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Forestry Management
The Senior Forestry Management team at Kiri Park has outstanding knowledge, experience, and a proven track record in Paulownia timber industry.

Whilst the EFF Group employ a number of foresters and plantation personnel, the Forestry Management are:
Bruce Jamieson - Operations Manager
Laurie Jolly - Planatation Manager (Kiri Park)
Beverly Jolly - Planatation Manager (Kiri Park)
Wade Baggott - Forestry Administration and Research Officer